provide for the Food and education

shelter For Poor Peoples in ambattur

One of Hopechennai objective is: To provide for the maintenance and education of orphans and other unprotected and indigent children and to receive the custody of such orphans or other unprotected and indigent children and to place them in Hopechennai School for boys and girls established and maintained. Children are often separated from their parents because of the simply their families are too poor to provide them with proper education. There are also a lot of orphans staying in communal shelters, simply trying to survive another day. These are the stories of a few of them, hoping to give you a glimpse of their everyday struggle as well as their love for life and their community.

All our projects are based on two pillars; Our donors and volunteers. We simply cannot do this without your help, and the best way to help us is to work with us! Please take a look at our volunteering programs by clicking the link below and join us if you can. We are poor orphanange in Chennai and looking for donantion or sponor for the shelter we are building for orphans and kids with special needs.

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