Best Things to Donate to an Orphanage

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There are plenty of ways one can bring a smile on other faces. Let us repeat it once again, it’s not money.

Here are the Best Things to Donate to an Orphanage: You can sponsor for the building materials too

Donate Clothes & School Uniforms:

Growing kids always need clothes. When we are buying 101st dress for our kid on festivals like Dussehra and Diwali, there are kids searching for at least one set of clothes without a hole to be worn on festivals. Isn’t it heart-breaking? So Clothes can be the next best thing to donate apart from money

Donate Old Toys:

Recalling a recent incident where a 6-year-old came to donate his toys. At our orphanage, many kids are enthusiastically playing with it. For those little angels, that’s the best donation. So, please ask your children to donate their old toys

Donate Snacks & Quick Bites:

Who doesn’t love snacks? Especially, kids, they love it. They don’t care how costly or cheap they are. Sometimes just a small packet of biscuits makes their day. So, snacks are one of the best things to donate to an orphanage

Donate Your Time:

Love and care comes above all… at times we need that at our orphanage. Our kids love visitors. It feels like family to them. So instead of anything else, we would love it if donors sometimes visit us in person

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