Vocational skills, functional academics for Special kids

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Students were taught Vocational skills, functional academics and co-circular  activities for seven students in which their progresses are discussed and suggestions  are given for planning further skills and teach them effectively.  



Students were trained to read and write simple words, friends name, words  from simple story books to use in the application situation. As a result of these  trainings, students were able to write their name, identify the words but constant  training must be given to use the words in generalized situation.  


Students were trained to calculate the items cost in purchased bills as a result  of this training it helped them to calculate the total amount of the purchased bill in  application aspect now the students were able to add four digit numbers with the  help of verbal clues and few students does simple addition without help so students  must be given constant training to do simple addition and subtraction without help.  


Students were trained to do the work within the time frame. Now they are able  to do the work within the time frame with help so students must be given constant  training to do the work within the time frame without help. 



Students were trained to paint different pictures like dolls, flowers etc… in  which they are able to select the suitable colour for the picture and also colour them  neatly. As a result of this training their creativity, concentration power and attention  span were enhanced. 

SUGGESTION & CONCLUSION: The Vocational skills, domestic skills, functional academics and co-circular  activities were taught, all students are able to do the learnt skill if constant training is  given to the students they can also do the next level of skills without help.

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