Donation of Medicines – A Noble Act

In the phase of pandemic the natural impulse is to reach out and help those in need. Donation  of medicines can alleviate residents to improve their physical and mental health.  

Residents of ‘Shelter for Women with Psycho Social Needs – Hope Public Charitable Trust’ are in  urgent need for psychotic drugs. There are 40 residents who are mentally challenged and in  need of medical assistance. Proper medication is the first and significant need for persons with  special needs. Medications play a key role in the treatment of co-occurring disorders. They can  reduce symptoms and prevent relapses of a psychiatric disorder. Medications can also help  patients minimize cravings and maintain self-discipline from addictive substances. Medication  followed by counseling and other therapies, will enable the persons with mental disability overcome their problem and come back to better life. 

Psychiatric drugs these days seem to be expensive and when it should be given regularly, the  demand is becoming high. For a charity organization like us needs to be supported with  necessary provisions, medicines come in the top priority. 

Since medicines are in top need we are looking for sponsors and donors who can provide  psychiatric medicines as per our necessity in a bulk amount. 

For further details, 

Please Contact: 9962110043, 8939833868 

You can also show your kindness by sponsoring amount. 

Our A/C Number: 33989918759 

IFSC No.: SBIN0000987 

Gpay : 8668128926

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