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Vocational training and selective placement is designed to enable a person with disability (PWD) to  secure and retain suitable employment. The acronym IDD refers to individuals with intellectual or  developmental disabilities. The term reflects a more positive and inclusive trend in the approach to care  for individuals with some form of intellectual disabilities. At the heart of modern programs and models of  care helps to ensure individuals with Intellectual Disabilities to develop over time a sense of  independence and self-reliance. While the degree to which this goal can be achieved is unique to every  individual, the overall ability to pursue is the most important thing. It not only improves them as an  individual, but develops their families, the communities in which they live, and society as a whole too. 

Therefore, providing them vocational training, training towards life skills, etc. will enable a better  independent life for them. Providing them an environment to grow and nourish with all the facilities like,  training center with training equipment, playground, classes, Recreational hall for activities and fun  games, Gym, Park, etc. is a mission of HOPE PUBLIC CHARITABLE TRUST.  

The building construction of Residential home for 350 abandoned special children is in currently need of  75,000 bricks and 1000 Cement Bags. Please help to provide a brighter future for these children.

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