A Compassionate Heart is a blessing!!!

“The happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more”…<3 <3 <3

There are people who dedicate their lives to serve for the needy, downtrodden community. Everyone should feel gratitude and appreciate the power of living a grateful life. It’s not because it is almost Thanksgiving but just a continuing realization and appreciation for just how blessed and privileged we have been throughout our life.

Hope Public Charitable Trust is also gifted with a handful of kindhearted souls. Sarva Bhojan  Trust does not fail to show its altruistic mentality towards the children and women of Hope  Public Charitable Trust. Sarva Bhojan Trust especially its administrators, Mr. Gopal (DSP), Smt. Lakshmi Krishnaswamy, Smt. Rema shows that giving isn’t just about money, whether it is just a single kind word, smile, or a thoughtful gesture, it can include giving time, care, skills, thought, or attention. “Therefore one does not have to be rich to  help others.”

We are so grateful and blessed to have a wonderful association with Sarva Bhojan Trust and Gopal sir who continuously supports us during our ups and downs. His long-term alliance with us is truly a relief for us. During this pandemic, we sometimes find it very challenging, so if at least a one-time meal is been sponsored by some kind of people, it’s a great relief for us. We are very thankful and obliged to receive the endowments from Sarva Bhojan Trust,  and the love and care they show us are unavoidable.

Services done by SBT trust to Hope Public Charitable Trust ⮚ Annadhanam SBT organizes Annadhanam during every festival and other special occasions to feed the needy people who are destitute and accommodated under various shelter homes. The very kind act is sponsored by lots of generous souls.   

⮚ Donation and sponsorship of provisions, dresses, etc. Apart from providing meals for the residents, Trust supports us by giving clothes, groceries, and other necessary provisions to both the shelters. They provided new sarees to all the residents and staff of Hope women’s home.     We are planning to give food to some needy families in Chennai city. Your continued support will also be essential during the implementation of the initiative.

We thank you from the bottom of our heart on behalf of every resident and staff of Hope Public Charitable Trust, for your continuous succor.

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