Sponsor and fulfill their basic needs

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  • Mission: To seek and fulfill the basic needs of the deprived.
  • Projects: All their projects are mainly focused on Hunger, Clothing, Health, Education, Environment.
  • How to Donate: You will have to visit them to make your donation.
  • What to Donate:
  • Food: Food coupons, Groceries or food, Money for buying food, or You can even prepare a special dish and serve by yourself, and Organize camps for collecting food in your locality;
  • Clothing: Gently used clothes (for all ages and sizes), organize clothes collection camps, Buy and donate new clothes or Donate money to meet clothing needs, or You can also volunteer to sort, stack and distribute clothes and ensure they reach the center;
  • Medical: Donate First Aid Kits or nutritional supplements, organize collection camps for First Aid Kits and Nutritional Supplements, Volunteer in distributing the collected items, help in facilitating doctor’s visit or providing an advanced diagnosis for those having serious diseases, help the foundation connect with good doctors to organize special camps;
  • Education: Buy new notebooks and stationery, bicycles for students having a lack of transport, sponsor higher education for a student, help school set up a science lab, computer lab, and provide sports equipment;
  • Infrastructure Development: Buy construction material for repair of the school building, sponsor labor charges, design and sponsor a school toilet;
  • Environment: Help them connect to manufacturers of low-cost solar lanterns, sponsor tree plantation drives, and solar lanterns, organize green initiative programs to do a plantation drive in villages;
  • Other Projects: Help negotiate with doctors and collect funds for surgeries, sponsor surgery of a child in part or full, sponsor a prosthetics for an above-knee amputee, contribute for mobility aids, get involved in livelihood creation programs;
  • Volunteer: You can also volunteer to help them out in various projects;

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