The most vital medicine for the residents is proper and healthy food.
Mrs.VELRANI takes care of the food and nutrition aspect of the residents and helps to groom the residents when ever time permits. She starts the day by providing ahealthy drink for the residents in the morning followed by a fit breakfast with twotiffin and two side dishes. She also never fails to provide a proper lunch includingtwo poriyals, one ‘Kolambu’, or ‘Rasam’, etc.
On special days she is happy to prepare variety rice or delicious sweet for the residents.In the evening the residents are given a healthy snack, say, ‘Sundal’ or Tea with Healthy Cookies. Dinner consist of two tiffin and two side dishes. For drinking water a 25 liter waterfiler is set up in the residents ‘room.
During the time when the residents were admitted as COVID positive, Mrs.Velrani
managed to provide healthy drinks like ‘Kabasura kudineer’ for the residents. She also makes hot water specially made for steaming and drinking for every resident. She did all these with a deep commitment towards her work. She didn’t hesitate to work extra and provide healthyfood to everyone in the shelter home including staff during the pandemic. Donate to children in need, Sponsor a child in need, volunteer in orphanage, Orphanage in ambattur, Special school, donate for poor child, Orphanage in Chennai.

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