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Ms. TAMILSELVI is also a Social Worker specialized in Community Development but has working experience in a psychiatric setting. She stands as a keen supporter of the coordinator. She completely takes care of residents’ basic things from personal hygiene to the cleanliness of the shelter homes. She teaches and supervises the residents while activity sessions. From morning to late evening she keeps the shelter home neat and tidy in and around. She also involves in doing counseling for the patients in the absence of the coordinator. She takes care of the physical and social well-being of the residents. One of the important duties of this position is to ensure proper nutrition and medication for the residents.
She acts in the role of vocational trainer, she teaches garland making, medical cover, painting, etc., to the residents. She assists the psychiatrist, Dr. Lakshmi, during the periodical visit. She is the one who completely oversee medication, routine health checkup like, temperature checking, oxygen level checking, BP, BMI, etc. She has been trained by the psychiatrist to provide psychotic drugs to the residents and she is doing that role in an excellent way. Celebrate birthday in orphanage Chennai, Donate to children in need, Sponsor a child in need, volunteer in orphanage, Orphanage in ambattur, Special school, Poor orphanage in chennai

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