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Mentally challenged children face problems like Social and Family acceptance, Stigma, Helplessness, Behaviour problems, Financial crisis etc. Their needs and requirements go unnoticed in this social setup and they stay isolated. Such daunting childhood experiences leave a mark in their social functioning. Lifting up the mentally challenged children and make them reach for their dreams has been the vision of Hope Trust. Join hands in reaching for the special children.

Recently we started constructing an orphanage home for our special children  at  Annambedu village . Due to this crisis of Covid19 visitors have been completely shutdown because of such pandemic situation. Thus we seek your support to overcome this current situation of crisis.

Every child is special in his or her own way. So, is true in the case of intellectually challenged children, who deserve much empathy. We need your Help and support on this emergency siutation. Please do your small contribution for our Gods children at Shelter Home Aminjikarai.

We need your help and support in this emergency situation. Please do your small donation for our Gods children at Shelter Home Ambattur

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