Tranquility for the mind – Need for provisions Health conditions that affect the emotion, thinking and behavior of one individual can be diminished or controlled using various recreational activities. Activities including fun games, rather than relaxing makes the mind rejuvenating. Playing games can add joy, relieve stress, andstimulates your body. So it is very important to have some time playing and having fun with the co-residents. It brings the unity among them also. So in order to raise them to a better life better facilities and provisions has to be provided. It can be in any form, regardless of the money.

A small contribution will make big change:

– Games like cards and carom sin crease the attention ability of an individual. Contributing that can help the residents increase the same.

– Games like puzzles increase the problem solving capability. So various puzzles can be given to them. – Stress free games like, playing ball, balloon blowing, etc, will help to keep them always happy.

Only happy mind will have healthy body. All these are just examples. Any game that helps them to relax will develop their thinking capacity and will make them stress free. Please contribute to our ‘Hope Psychiatric Rehabilitation Shelter for Women (MI) at Egmore.

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