solace to forsaken destitute

With no one to care for the number of orphan children is on the increase. Deprived of the legitimate rights of life, these children, unless cared for at the right time, are likely to be parasites on the society. We admit such children and train them to become good members of society. We provide housing, food, clothes, education, medical aid and impart moral values of life. We strive to make them forget they are ‘Orphans’.

Many would be desiring to involve themselves in social service by helping voluntary institutions, but many not know the ways and means. We entreat you to approach us to fulfill your desire. You may opt to celebrate your birthday, wedding day, other auspicious functions, anniversaries of the departed in a different way by helping the help seekers. We invite you to be part in our service by providing meals, snacks or other facilities of your choice to our inmates.

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