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Hope chennai has been working with the most children to provide them better healthcare, education opportunities and protection from physical and mental exploitation. Support the Children’s humanitarian response for the worst-affected amidst the ongoing crisis

 We have a list of some useful and no-so-useful items. Sometimes this can be a little expensive for people so perhaps you could try getting together with a group of friends or colleagues. Over the years we have received plenty of different things in the post, from the ordinary (shoes, watches, clothes) to the extraordinary (a box of honey, coffee plungers, hot water bottles). There is very little that we can’t use.
Mentally challenged children face problems like Social and Family acceptance, Stigma, Helplessness, Behavior problems, Financial crisis etc. Their needs and requirements go unnoticed in this social setup and they stay isolated. Such daunting childhood experiences leave a mark in their social functioning. Lifting up the mentally challenged children and make them reach for their dreams

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