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Hoping to make a greater change, the journey to start Hope Trust began its humble beginning in the year 2003 and became a legally formed body under trust act by the year 2007

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Mentally challenged children face problems like Social and Family acceptance, Stigma, Helplessness, Behaviour problems, Financial crisis etc. Their needs and requirements go unnoticed in this social setup and they stay isolated. Such daunting childhood experiences leave a mark in their social functioning. Lifting up the mentally challenged children and make them reach for their dreams has been the vision of Hope Trust. Join hands in reaching for the special children.

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Dengue awareness rally between 11 am to 12.30 pm on 13th September 2017 was organized and conducted by Hope Public Charitable Trust. Managing trustee and founder Mrs. Nagarani V inaugurated the rally by hoisting flag. Children from Hope Special School and Care and protection centre along with volunteers from different colleges participated in the rally. The rally covered 5 kilo meters of aminjikarai main road and went round 5 to 7 streets. The general public made awareness towards prevention and control by shouting slogans and raising the placards.

Dengue Awareness rally

A cultural day was sponsored by Lions Club of Chennai Golden Roses to Hope special school. The function was headed by honourable club members. They conducted different programs like fancy dress, drawing, speech, thirukural, storytelling, rhymes and many other competitions. Our children were awarded for show casing their talents. Such acts help to provide a platform for the budding talents.

Talent showcase

Innerwheel Club of Madras Esplanade continues to help us in every possible way. A recent act of giving has evidently supported the needs of our children. Benches, study materials, therapy aids etc. by the club will help our children academically. The presence of every club members filled the day with colours and warmth. We thank for your continued support.

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Awards By Founder

Ashoka award was presented to Mrs. Nagarani V under Social Commitment category by Samarpan and Bihar disabled sports academy on 28th August 2017.
Parivu Charitable trust has awarded “Kalam awarded to Hope Public Charitable Trust on July 30, 2017 Chennai.
“Social Achievers Award” by Green Earth Patron on July 14, 2017 at New Delhi
“ABHINANDHAN has been conferred to Mrs. Nagarani, The Visionary of Hope Special School by Inner Wheel Clubs of Chennai on March 8, 2017
NDSO award of Vivekananda momentum during 5th January 2014. (9th Year Annual Day function held at Trichy).
Best social worker for the year 2013 was awarded by Ektha Trust and also Media articles published on our Hope Special School in Hindu, Deccan Chronicle, Dinamani, Thinathanthi, Indian Express and Local News paper.
Makkal Virudhu for the organization by South Indian Post Magazine.
Best women entrepreneur award for the year 2012 by Lions Club and 2012 by Rotary Club Ambattur, Pudur for her continuous service for the Disabled.
Best citizen award for local news south Indian post in 2012”.
Successful implementation Early Intervention scheme for children aged between 0-6 years.
Implementation of skill training for under privileged women through Swarna Jayanthi Shahari Rojgar Yojana sponsored by Government of India.

Force Behind This Movement

Persistent struggles shaped my Journey to mark a change. The change to uplift the living conditions of mentally challenged community. Every step has been important for me as it added to my experience as an individual. My profound goals has led to the person I am today. Serving almost 600 people who are mentally challenged and 6000 underprivileged women, my passion keeps growing every day. My family has been my constant support and inspiration to my work.

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  • Poor Orphanages in Chennai



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Ambattur Trust Office Address:-

Hope Public Charitable Trust,
No.6-B/26, Sarangapani Street,
Krishnapuram, Ambattur O.T.,
Chennai – 600 053.
Mobile No. 7358095515, 9841330330
Mail Id. ranihope@gmail.com

  • Poor orphanages in Chennai

    Hopechennai is home for Destitute mentally Challenged children. Now it’s poor orphanage in Chennai, its seeking donation for poor child, and sponsoring an orphan. Especially for mentally retarded children and Hope Chennai be an association to orphans, rationally mentally handicapped and physically debilitated children which may be not keeping in touch with you must be clear in your reasoning about any profits, Hope Chennai supposes celebrate birthday with orphans just something like how our children will survive tomorrow, Right away you cam wood consider our association position. Hope chennai is Charitable trust in Chennai,small orphanages in chennai.Bring anything in sweets, vegetables Also more, we accept anything starting with you regardless of you give at whatever such sort of kid, we receive him/her for our hands.

    Hope Chennai is one of the poorest and non-beneficial affiliation which is produced only for dimwitted and physically weakened children Hope Chennai is the non-profitable organization together became only for prudently tended to and particularly abled kids in Chennai. Every Rupee from your endorsement is noteworthy to us Even we lost such a gathering of things for our children with that one rupee. In Hope Chennai we draw in our children to go school, to watch pictures, distinctive social activities and we praise each and every youth birthday. Expectation Chennai perceive any sort of gift and sponsorship and we are prepared give tyke or get tyke. Expectation Chennai is a safe house relationship in Chennai Ambattur, Hope Chennai can help and serve more individuals however cash is most conspicuous essential to manage our kids. Before long Hope Chennai is in essential for our adolescents. Join with us!! Offer help to us!! Give Hope to the Hope Chennai.

    If you are planning to sponsor a child or Orphan to any Non gainful organization Hope Chennai is apt for you because they treat every kid or child as their own kids. Any issue or problem are facing by their kids they respond immediately Hope Chennai is an organization which do not expect any profit they do only service to the people and retorted children.Sponsoring a child to Hope Chennai will not extra charge other the expenses of the sponsored kid. Don’t worry about how much to sponsor a child in Hope Chennai.Hope Chennai is one of the poor orphanages in Chennai but we give all the details how we spend your donation to our children for your belief.

    Hope Chennai take care of mentally retarded children and mentally challenged children . the term mental retarded is diagnosed based on the below normal intelligence IQ and unable to learn and take care of themselves. To measure a child with mentally retarded is based on IQ test . if test is below average of 70 to75. Hope Chennai is one best handicapped orphanages in Chennai and retarded home take care a children and person from a age group of 5-40years. celebrate a birthday in orphanage, which make children in orphanage to be happy for a whole day with your support. Plan how to celebrate a birthday in orphanage by selecting a orphanage whose cause is different and unique and arrange a food for child and buy some valuable gift to the orphanage. To make your a day more special celebrate your birthday with orphans. Hope Chennai is a orphanage in Ambattur and orphanage in Aminjikari so make a protection to poor children in our orphanage. Hope Chennai make a education for child in special school in Chennai by teach a skills to child. we are charitable trust in Chennai and donate a child by paying a 500 for every month to get a education for poor child. Donate for a lunch in any festival days which make a special to child and getting a wishes from them is fabulous things. Gather a many donation to mentally retarded children from various organization as a volunteer and make a poor orphanage to a best orphanages in Chennai. we are mainly focus on education and technical skills for children by providing a special school in Chennai to develop their mind power. Hope chennai is only place where the mentally challenged and physically children are staying by making a sponsor to a child . Hope chennai will take a each rupee from your approval is significant to us. Child sponsor to an orphanages is one of best things in our life success . so make a sponsor to orphanage every year at least by sponsor a meal, shelter and support for a education. The main achieve for life is to be volunteer at orphanage and helping them till our life ends.